Effects of Watching TV Too Much

 Effects of the Television too much discoveries and invention of the devices are always welcome to us, humans, find a way to be abused its use and affected by them unfavorably. This was the case, when Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-ray and within five years, the British army used a mobile X-ray unit, around rifle bullets and shrapnel in injured soldiers to locate in the Sudan. Television set was invented also with positive thoughts in the understanding - it would give no national edges, training and would be communication world-wide, to etc. However we try now to overcome its physiological and psychological harmful effects on humans. One of the physiological effects of the television in the excessive quantities is eye fatigue. It is applicable that there are specifications for the television; Television set should be 5 M. away by the eye, the area should be sufficiently lit up, television set should at the same height with our eyes, etc. be set. However prevent these, ours that eyes keep not fatigued, if we hold to watch television for a long time. Another effect is Korpulenz, which is observed far in the people, like the television and the meal of the lunches daily (there is even an expression „the television lunches, “, to refer to itself to the high-speed lunch that for the meal before the television set is usable). Television set is such an efficient machine, which people can receive not away from it - he is addicted making. Apart from physiological effects television set causes also psychological effects. One are a result act of violence to be put out. After they saw so many violent scenes on television set, people begin to regard violent activities normally and they lose their sensitivity to their environment. Partly attached to this effect, intermediate personnel communication among people is reduced. Its insensitively to suffering other people causes people to be alienated. Also after you came home from the work people, seek, to relax before the television set and generally people prefer it, too with one another speak to watch television. This expenditure is since lack of intermediary aluminum conditions terminates mostly with divorces very importantly. Inventions are briefly meant, in order to be favorable for humans, if we can profit from them. Television set is one of such inventions, which must be only used for right purpose - educating and maintained during an appropriate (according to age) time period. We can be from safe then or reduce too much at least the harmful physiological and psychological effects of the television.